The brief entailed the refurbishment of an existing Spoornet Shed into a vehicle showroom for Pupkewitz Auto, all within a tight timeframe and limited budget. The aim was to provide a contemporary street façade that will draw attention to the new showroom, visible from the nearby Lazaret intersection. The existing shed received a newly clad street façade with big glazed shop fronts.  A dark grey exterior was chosen, contrasting against the light interior accentuated by a bright yellow wall at the back of the showroom. What used to be an insignificant shed is now a simple, yet striking showpiece, significant in its own right.


The Government Hangar Complex is located at the Eros Airport in Windhoek, The 'hangar', designed for the Ministry of Works and Transport and utilised by the Department of Government Air Transport Services, is the largest constructed at any regional airport and is set apart by the unique design. Phase 1 consisted of one large building that houses two hangars (for government air fleet), adjoining offices, technical rooms, and storage space. The development also includes a utility building, large apron, access to the secondary runway and parking facilities. Phase 2 of this project entailed the construction of a new Presidential Terminal Building with an access road to same.