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Maun International Airport - Proposal

This design proposal was in response to a competition launched by the Civil Aviation Authority of Botswana for a new Passenger Terminal Building at Maun International Airport, Botswana.  The aim was to create a building of world-class standard, serving as an iconic gateway to the Okavango. From a conceptual point of view, we introduced the mokoro as main design generator of the building.  As the mokoro is a preferred means of transportation in the Delta, it captures the essence of traveling in the Maun district. The attributes of the mokoro is coupled with unique elements of the Delta, such as the water lily, palm leaves as well as repetitive elements akin to the papyrus, to further enhance a strong contextual design approach. The end result is a building true to its direct surroundings with a strong resemblance to the local tradition, habitat and attractions, set to become a landmark that celebrates Botswana, the town of Maun and its people

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