Claud Bosch Architects, with Project Architect Claud Bosch, has designed over 50 lodges, guest houses and hotels and was directly involved with the construction of 37 facilities. Our services was rendered throughout Africa, in Saudi Arabia and recently in Peru, South America.


Claud Bosch Architects is persistent in ensuring 'best value' designs and viability for Clients. In doing so we strive to design for function as well as aesthetics. 


We have has designed and documented many residences in Africa. Projects range from as small as 80m² to 1800m². To date we have designed 31 multi-residential developments with up to 900 units per project. 


Having been exposed to very large industrial projects as a young Architect, Claud Bosch has developed a keen passion for industrial buildings and parks. Recent projects include equipment such as overhead cranes, foam fire protection etc.  


In order to provide our Clients with a more advanced and comprehensive service throughout the building process, Claud Bosch Architects established it's interior department in 2014. 


Claud Bosch Architects is very enthusiastic about education as a solution to many challenges faced in Africa. In addition to schools, our exposure includes hospitals, military and police projects.

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