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House Nghiyolwa

Located along the fringes of Auasblick, Windhoek, the site is set between the Gammams River and the mountainous views east of the city.


The client requested for a modern multi-function home that can adapt to a young family. The solution was set forth as a double story house with all the fenestration facing North and South. The ground floor houses all the public functions that can act independently with the kitchen as the core. All the north-facing rooms connect to the front garden and pool area – effortless indoor/outdoor living. The entire first floor is reserved for bedrooms and en-suites, but can function autonomously with a small kitchenette and lounge area. The first floor can only be accessed from the kitchen by means of floating stairs.


To accommodate the idea of a multi-function house each space was designed modularly as boxes. The boxed spaces were then arranged staggeringly to articulate the façade by use of light and shadows.  


Forming part of the brief was the bespoke interior elements and use of natural wood and concrete features, as well as combining both soft materials with modern furniture pieces. The art work was specifically selected to incorporate subtle African elements. The interior colours were kept to a minimal as to enhance the wooden features and play of light in features such as the stairs and light fittings.

Photos by Willem Vrey
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