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The New Head Office for the Namibia Public Workers Union, NAPWU, is situated along John Meinert Street, Windhoek, in a low to medium residential area that is gradually shifting towards commercial usage. Spread out over five floors, the Building consists of numerous small meeting rooms, designated offices, two boardrooms, a conference room and a large entertainment area. Before construction could commence, demolition work was done to an existing house and several buildings. The site sloped towards the back from the street and allowed for lower ground parking. The roof heights of the surrounding buildings are all low and provide unobstructed views from each floor towards the city centre. Raw building materials such as off-shutter concrete, face bricks and composite timber were used throughout the building. To compliment the raw materials different cladding methods such as corrugated sheets, perforated cladding and horizontal louvers were used.

Photos by Willem Vrey
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