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Villa Chamonix

This project features the construction of a New Private Residence located along the mountainside of Chamonix Street in Auasblick, Windhoek. The steep site dictated the design of the two storey house. The Ground floor was built into the mountain and contains a Guest Wing, Laundry Room, Entrance Hall, a three-car Garage and a Studio. The entire First Floor is built on top to provide unobstructed views and access to the back garden. The First Floor contains two En-suite Bedrooms, Kitchen, Scullery, Lounge, Dining Room, Family Room and a Master Wing. A winding driveway provides access to the house from the street level and allows for separate terraced gardens in between. Passive cooling techniques were employed using large overhangs and cross ventilation in each room. Exposed trusses with dorm windows span above the Kitchen and Lounge creating a sense of airiness. The West and East façades are clad in recycled stone sourced from the site.

Photos by Willem Vrey
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